Friday, March 29, 2013


as i said before i will come out with the songs which are the best according to meh :p but honestly listen to this song and give it a chance :) enjoy this track

Tears Don't Fall Part 2

and here's the song from their latest album yes its called Tears Don't Fall Part 2 and OMFG their riff is sweet with the solo!! check it out for yourself!

Last Fight

yeah i know its old but still this was the greatest time of their life's in my opinion ill upload some of their songs from their latest album but for now enjoy 'Last Fight' by Bullet From My Valentine.

The High Road

AGAIN THANK GOD they are back with a new album although it could have been better but still here's the track 'The High Road'

Fairy Tail Ending Theme 7

Cute aint the little one's enjoy this track as well Fairy Tail Ending 7 Theme

Fairy Tail Ending Theme 6

and in my opinion the best theme i have ever heard in an anime! here is it fairy tail theme ending 6 i really dont know the name anyways enjoy! :)

Fairy Tail Ending 5 Theme

as it is my birthday :) and i have started watching this anime i am going to upload some of the tracks from it